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Links to web pages that offer free .wav & akai samples for creating your own music with trackers, digital audio samplers, computer programs,...

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  Bouddha 's samples: percus, basses, loops, pads, fx, cuivres (trumpet)
Talk city   Mix session at talk city
Ubl   UBL samples (Land of the loops) ambient, hip-hop
Loops   Loops (MP3)
Dwarren   The phantom's tweakers .wav site: drum, general, crumar bit one samples
Kalava   Kalava 's BPM drumloops & drum samples archive classified by Bpm range, cool !
Hip-hop   Hip-hop loops sampled from hip-hop artists: ll cool j, wu tang, 2 pac, red man, coolio,...
East West   East West sounds on line: secure sign in allows you to download 5 free sounds from a small selection of the online database
Ftp hornet   A good FTP sample archive with essentials samples taken from old synthesizers: juno, jupiter, proteus; old beatboxes: tr-909, 808, univox, cr-78... Tip: These archive contains about 100 sample packs for up to 300 MB, use a ftp browser like ftp explorer, go to the ftp url ( and then select all the zipped packs to download to a directory on your hard-disk. So you don't have to waste your time clicking every 10 minute to download pack per pack. Enjoy !

Attack   A german site with mp3 samples bases, synth/pads, rythms,...Holger's site

Temple of mod   900 .wav files for 130 MB in .rar packs ftp archive

Loopasonic   Loops: bass, drums, guitar

Large archive of free Akai MPC & S serie samples.

CD-ROM.COM Archives
Samples from various synths, Ensoniq, Korg, Roland, Proteus, Yamaha, etc.

Cool Samples and Patches from Rich's MIDI and Audio Lab
Lots of good stuff here, worth a visit ! FTP
Various wav samples.

Samples from rare old acoustic instruments. Akai S2000 format provided !

Keyboard Magazine's AKAI Library
Samples in AKAI MPC3000 format.

Keyboard Magazine's Patch Library
AIFF samples, and also some demo patches for various synthesizers.

Online Studios
Drums, percussions, instruments and vocal samples in WAV format.

Guitar samples in .au format site Franšais !

Sweetwater's K2000 Library
Samples for the Kurzweil K2000 and K2500. I thinks convertable to wav with Convert.exe

The Edge City Sound Vault
Samples in WAV and SBK format

Patches for Casio, Ensoniq, Kawai, Korg, Roland, Yamaha synths.

Waldorf waves and patches

Weasel World
16bit 44.1 kHz drum and bass samples and loops

Critical Adjustement Samples -
SoundWave's Sample Collection -

294 MB of .wav samples: drums, bass, vocals, synth

Electronic Pleasure's links

Industrial, old beatboxes, gabber, experimental samples

Lysator's ftp site
Awe32 sound card sounds

Koberlan' site
His sample links page

Solam' sample links
The page you are currently reading

Links: Click on pictures

This site seems to be a commercial site that sells samples, but that's not the goal of this page which references free sample sites. It has a guest and a free beats section.

Phato's place
492 original drum loops

111 free samples from Crawley's world

Wav Selector samples: breaks drums loops from 94 to 133 BPM

drum/synth loop link's

113 Audio Resources: Beats
113 Audio well known and added link

Member Page Not Found

Bass Emporium: bass & bleeps

Supervynil's mp3 samples & breaks

Music sites links

Fruity Loops: somethin' like a commercial site ?!

Good samples: Check 'em out !

I C Sound Banks
My .rar packages of sample sites covered here that offer only sample per sample d-load.

Freds - Sounds
samples from TV programs

Lots of patchs, where are the real .wav samples ?

One of the best sample sites, but what a pain to download all the samples (I have done it months ago)

* Site*
Heavy Food for K2000S & K2500S: patches, few wave samples


Samples unpacked: breaks classified, vocals, etc,...

TV programs samples

Links page

Roland dr 550
Russian site with dr550 samples: it's a digital beatbox

Factory site of Akai

Sample of the Yamaha an1x synth


House 71
basslines, house loops, check my pack in I C Sound Banks

Language Samples


Samples Room
Old links for old synths samples

Sound List

The Drum Samples Page
Complete 909 & 808 samples

They sell samples cd, free download for tools, softs, + few free samples

Links (I've stolen their bakground)

Samples for akai s serie samples (td0s)but also their equivalent in .wav packs sometimes

Samples from sound cards, roland expanders, X5s

Music & samples links

== Beatbox Resurrection ==
Akai td0s & .wav samplez of old drum machines

Td0s , wavs, roland disks

a. joscht's drumloops (wav) - tons of zipped drumloops; very useful resource

dread bull (wav|mp3) - high quality basses, drums, grooves, guitars...

drum machine museum (wav) - drum machines samples

da'hitman (wav) - especially hip-hop loops

takeaway breaks (wav) - some wav drum loops

bigfoot of samples (wav) - various samples (wav) - tons of patches in various formats. check out!!

analogue bank (wav) - good collection of various wav samples

soundpro's (wav) - tons of club & dance samples - cool

ThE SaMpLisT
Sample Arena

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